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        公司簡介Henan Wansheng Construction Co., Ltd. is a national-level construction contractor-level qualification enterprise with a registered capital of 10,600,000 yuan. The company has 600 employees, including more than 60% of management and professional technicians, more than 80 middle and senior professional titles, and more than 50 national first- and second-level construction engineers. More than 400 professional certificate holders for construction, quality, safety, cost, accounting, etc., and more than 150 special construction workers such as lifting machinery, electrician and electric welding. The company has been awarded “Henan Province Construction Advanced Enterprise”, “Henan Province Construction Engineering Quality Management Advanced Enterprise”, “Henan Province Construction Industry Safety Advanced Enterprise”, “Henan Province Construction Industry Credit Enterprise” and “Henan Province”. Excellent construction company." The company has a sound management organization. The company has major functional departments such as the administrative department, the engineering department, the operation department, the finance department, the legal department, and the recruitment department. All of them are equipped with various professional management personnel who are capable and capable of independently undertaking various construction tasks and meeting the requirements of modernization, high standards, high quality and high efficiency. The company was formerly known as Henan Huasheng Construction Engineering Co., Ltd., and on October 23, 2015, it was renamed Henan Wansheng Construction Co., Ltd. with the approval of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development. For a long time, the company has taken root in the Central Plains, one step at a time, and has successively cooperated with Zhengzhou Airport Port Area Hangcheng Real Estate Co., Ltd., Zhengzhou Railway Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Zhengzhou Yucai Enterprise Group Real Estate Co., Ltd., Dengfeng People's Hospital, Daye Town, Dengfeng City. The People's Government, Dengfeng City Education and Sports Bureau, Xincai Guangyu Real Estate Development Co., Ltd., Xincai County Open Source Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. and other government agencies have won good social reputation. Under the new construction industry, the company establishes the business philosophy of "people-oriented, dedication to society", adhering to the enterprise spirit of "aggressive, transcendence, innovation and dedication", and pursues the enterprise tenet of "integrity, responsibility, quality and efficiency" to develop Industrial and revitalized enterprises are the development goals, and they adhere to the work style of not being dry, rigorous and pragmatic, and always adhere to and develop in an all-round way. The company will continue to deepen reform, innovation mechanism, scientific management methods, strong technical force, sophisticated construction equipment, meticulously organize construction, create quality projects, and strive to contribute to urban construction and development.


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